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NEW! MyChron4 digital gauge and data logger for kart racing.

Learn more about the new MyChron4 on the product page.

See the full line of AiM Sports karting products on our products page.

MyChron - the kart tach trusted by more karters than any other brand.


National Kart News Partners with AiM Sports

National Kart News recently partnered with AiM Sports to enhance the data acquisition and technical content of testing articles. In the July issue, NKN used a MyChron3 Gold to test the new Russell Rocket and IAME X-30 engine. July 2005 issue cover story, pages 52-59.

Go Racing Magazine and Memo Gidley Feature Aim Sports in "Secrets of Speed"

Go Racing Magazine published a tech article by Memo Gidley "Secrets of Speed: Data Acquisition Set-Up" which features an AiM Sports MyChron Plus racing data acquisition system. The detailed article includes installation photos and tips for a race-ready installation. May 2005 issue, pages 74-76.

MyChron gauges by AiM Sports set the standard in digital data acquisition gauges for karting, yet is surprisingly easy to use and own. Imagine having RPM, temperature, and lap times at your fingertips, and saved in memory for later review. The MyChron3 Basic combines a kart tach, lap timer and temperature gauge all into one compact and easy to use display. The MyChron3 Basic 2T reads RPM, lap times and 2 temps (exhaust and cylinder head, for example). Get the most from your gauge and improve your kart's performance with the additional speed capabilities of the MyChron3 Plus.

Step up to advanced models such as the MyChron3 Gold which adds on speed, track mapping, and multiple temperatures for professional level data acquisition that is surprisingly easy to use and understand. Track mapping helps you determine engine and carb settings, tire configurations (including stagger), and how to find the best line on the track. For even more power, the MyChron3 Extreme adds on analog channels for throttle and brake position sensors, for example.

More Than Just a Gauge

The MyChron3 connects to your computer via USB, allowing you to download your data for performance analysis. More than just a gauge, or a tach, the MyChron3 is a powerful computer that will help you improve your kart and your driving. You can playback the data right on the display or download and analyze the data in our powerful Race Studio software (see below).

The MyChron3 comes in several different models to give you the right combination of features and price. MyChron3 gauges work with all types of karts and all kinds of kart racing - shifter, sprint, oval, road course, dirt, and more. If you've been to kart races, you already know AiM Sports offers great track side support. Click here for a upcoming races we'll be at.

Custom Firmware for Oval Karts

Click here to learn about custom firmware for Oval Kart racers, a FREE download that reformats the MyChron3 display to show useful information for Oval Kart racers. Downloading and installing the firmware is easy. If you race oval karts, dirt or asphalt -click here to learn more.

Leverage the Power of Race Studio 2 to Improve Your Driving

Use our powerful Race Studio 2 Data Analysis software to process your data and get intelligent insight into the performance of your kart, your engine, and your driving skills. Race Studio aids in testing engine setups, tires, and more. If you're using the MyChron3 Gold or Extreme, the track mapping feature will help you find the perfect line for the track. Race Studio helps train junior drivers (and older ones too!).

AIM Sports has a team of dedicated engineers focused on continual development and support of Kart Racing oriented products, such as our Oval Kart Firmware.

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