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Yamaha R6 and R1 Motorcycle digital displays
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Dashes and Digital Displays for Yamaha Motorcycles

MXL digital dash for Yamaha motorcycle

MXL kit completely replaces stock Yamaha dash

MXL Plug and play kit. [Pricing and details]
MyChron3 Gold kit for R1 and R6 Yahama cycles
MyChron3 Gold plug and play kit. [Pricing and details]
Custom kit easily replaces the Yamaha stock dash for a slick custom look

Stunning backlit display

See all engine and performance data on one display

Display temperatures, RPM, throttle, pressure and more!

Everything is configurable: change the graphical RPM sweep, choose which channels to display, display custom alarm messages, more!

6 fully configurable alarm lights

10 fully configurable shift lights

MXL Strada dash systems start at $1299

MXL Pista data logging systems start at $1999

Plug and play systems from AiM Sports add a stunning digital display to your Yamaha motorcycle. The kits are specially tailored for specific Yamaha R1 and R6 motorcycles and contain the specific harnesses, connectors, mounting hardware and other items needed for an easy installation.

Built using our proven MyChron3 and MXL systems, our Yamaha motorcycle plug and play kits are self contained data loggers that interface directly with your R1/R6 onboard electrical wiring. The plug and play systems replace your existing gauges with a gorgeous digital display, some models add powerful data logging capabilities. Measure hours of lap times, RPMs, temps, pressures, fuel/air mixtures, gears, thottle positions and more. Download your data for further analysis with our powerful Race Studio software.

These systems interface directly with the Yamaha computer management system and utilize your bike's existing network of sensors, removing the need for additional sensor installation. There's just one harness to connect from your engine to the gauge.

Why Add a Plug and Play System to Your Yahama R1 or R6?

For street riders, a plug and play kit is an easy way to achieve a solid race look and personalize your bike. The stunning MXL and MyChron3 displays will turn heads wherever you go. If you use your bike for both street and track riding you'll enjoy the automatic mode sensing which seamlessly adjusts the display between street (continous display, no timing) and track (lap timing) modes.

If you're a racer, you'll be adding professional grade data acquisition and digital display technology to your bike at an affordable price. Serious racers know that measuring the performance of both the bike and driver is the key to improving your times at the track.

Read more about our Yamaha plug and play kits on the Features page.

Call AiM Sports today at 800.718.9090 to learn more
or to purchase a system today!

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