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MyChron3 Basic: Overview (Discontnued)

The MyChron3 Basic is powerful data acquisition gauge and display for kart racing that combines a temperature gauge, tachometer, lap timer, and data logger into a compact, powerful unit that easily mounts to your steering wheel. It is a digital dash, gauge, and data logger with graphical and digital RPM (tach) indicator, automatic lap time, and temperature input for exhaust gas, cylinder head or water sensors.

Connect a few sensors to the MyChron3 and it displays, samples, and stores the data from those sensors. For example, you can connect a temperature sensor to the cylinder head of your engine and get continuous reads on your engine temperature.  See the temperature values on the display as you drive, and download the recorded data to your PC and review the numbers on a graph later on. AiM Sports uses sophisticated data acquisition technologies in the MyChron3 to make this process fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective.

The MyChron3 Basic is the perfect introduction to the world of data acquisition, featuring a core set of features, performance and value that is unmatched in today’s market. 

The MyChron3 is a self-contained, true data logger that acquires data from all connected sources 10 times a second. Using our powerful Race Studio 2 software (optional) you can download your data to your PC and get a professional analysis of your performance data. You can also replay the data on the MyChron3 without a PC or software.  The MyChron3 Basic stores over 30 minutes of data using non-volatile memory, which retains data even when the power is off, and has an Auto-Power off feature to preserve the battery life.

Featuring a wide, backlight display, the MyChron3 gauges are fully configurable – putting you in full control of what you see on the screen.

The MyChron 3 is specially designed for kart racing (60 cc, 80 cc, 100 cc, oval racing). Learn more about our Oval Kart firmware, specially engineered for oval kart racers.

Learn more about the MyChron3 Basic's Features.

MyChron3 Basic Kit Includes:

  • MyChron3 Built-in data logger
  • Infrared transmitter and receiver
  • RPM pick-up
  • 1 temperature sensor (your choice of CHT, EGT, or H20)

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