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Race Studio: Overview

Race Studio 2 is data analysis software designed specifically to download and process the data from AiM sports data acquisiton products. The results can be viewed and presented in many different ways, giving you ultimate flexibility in what you view, and how. Download it here.

Get with the program

With Race Studio you see how your vehicle, engine and driver perform. No other data analysis package is this powerful - or this easy to use. As part of AiM Sports philosophy of Continuous Improvement, Race Studio is constantly being updated and free updates are available for download on our website, making your investment in MyChron technology even more valuable.

Plot vs. Time

This function allows the user to plot one or more channels vs. time. A vertical cursor allows you to visualize the input channels' values corresponding to the selected lap position. For example you can plot engine temperature vs. time.

Plot vs. Distance

If you have a speed channel available (sampled or calculated) you can plot one or more channels vs. distance. A vertical cursor allows you to visualize the input channels' values corresponding to the selected lap position.

Track Map

Create a track map! A "cross-cursor" moves along the map using the arrow keys or mouse and is link to the other cursors in the plots and graphs. This function is available with these products: MyChron 3 Gold Kart, MyChron 3 Kart Extreme, MyChron 3 Gold, XG LOG, MXL, MXL Pro, and EVO 3.  With this feature you can examine RPMs for a particular turn by clicking on the curve and scanning along to see what the RPMs were during the curve.

Histograms Graph

One of the best features a racer could have - use it to set up the correct gear teeth number for both crown and pinion.

Split Report

This function divides the track in a certain number of splits and calculates the time corresponding to each split in order to make a time comparison between splits belonging to different laps. Thus function is really useful in finding which parts of a lap can be improved. This function is only available if there is a track map available.

Engine Analysis

Calculate your engine's power and torque curves from RPM and speed data.


Race Studio 2 is provided for Microsoft® Windows® only. The following versions of Windows are supported: Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP. At this time Race Studio does not support any other operating systems. Download here.

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