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Technical and Customer Support

At AiM Sports, we are proud of our quality products and state-of-the-art features. We do our best to make them easy to use and problem free. We understand that sometimes, things happen. So if you have a problem, you can count on us to help you fix it.

Before contacting Technical Support, be sure you have done your homework first - it may solve your problem and it will make things go a lot quicker if you do contact us.

1. Have you looked over the tech tips?
We have a dedicated FAQ (frequently asked questions page) with a number of technical tips.

MyChron Mike's Loose Wires blog often has tech tips as well.

2. Have you checked to see if there are firmware or software updates?
Problems can often be solved by applying appropriate updates.
Click here to find the updates for your product.

3. Have you looked in the product manual? If you don't have the manuals,
click here for a listing of manuals you can download.

4. Are you outside North, Central or South America?
If so, click here to locate an international distributor in your area.

5. See us at the track or at a seminar.
AiM Sports Technical Support staff regularly attend races and other events, check the schedule. Also check the seminar schedule.

6. Are you looking for sponsorship?
Click here for information about sponsorships with AiM Sports.

If you still have a question, use the form below to send us your question. You are also welcome to call us (see below). Please complete all fields. We respect your privacy and will keep your information confidential.

Technical Support Form
Email Address:
Email Address (again):
Phone Number:
(US & Canada Only)
ZIP/Postal Code:
The following questions are optional, but the more you can tell us,
the better we can help you out.
Product (optional):
Firmware Version (optional):
Software (optional):
Software Version (optional):
Vehicle / Racing Style (optional):
Make / Model / Motor (optional):
Windows Version (optional):
Have you checked the product manual? You can download product manuals here.
Is your firmware and software up to date? Many problems can be resolved
by using the latest versions. Click here to download product updates.


You can also call us toll free at: 1.800.718.9090.
Tech Support Schedule: Monday - Friday 7AM - 7PM CST.

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