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January 31, 2006

VLD Seminar

Roger Caddell of Victory Lane Data is giving a seminar in the Tacoma, WA area on February 11th. If you're now using data acquistion and would like to learn more or if you're just comtemplating the purchase of a system this would be a Saturday well spent.

Click here for more details. Download file

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AiM Customer Results from Daytona

Contributed by Joe Hullet (Digital Competition Systems)
Here are some results of customers using AiM products in the Grand-Am Cup Daytona 200 race last weekend at Daytona International Speedway. I've put together some facts and figures as I collect and analyze data from our weekend. At least 35 out of 88 cars were running AiM systems.

Here are the top 10 cars at the finish of the race, AiM customers in bold type.

1. Porsche 996 Pi System 2
2. BMW M3 MoTeC ADL2
3. Mustang GT AIM MXL
4. Mustang GT AIM MXL
5. Mustang GT AIM MXL
6. Mustang GT AIM MXL
7. Mustang GT AIM MXL
9 Porsche 996 AIM MXL
10. Porsche 996 AIM MXL/DaViD/GPS

Here are the 10 fastest times during the race, AIM customers in bold type.

2:01.198 Craig Stanton (BGB Motorsports) Porsche 996
2:01.360 Finlay (Rolex Daytona Prototype team) Mustang GT
2:01.425 Espenlaub (Sahlen's, winner of the race) Porsche 996
2:01.591 Bill Auberlen (Factory BMW PTG) BMW M3
2:02.032 Patrick Long (Factory Porsche/Synergy Racing) Porsche 996
2:02.127 Miller (BGB Motorsports) Porsche 996
2:02.153 Sebastien Bourdais (Champ Car Champion) Mustang GT
2:02.321 Terry Borcheller (Rolex Daytona Prototype Champion) Mustang GT
2:02.468 Dwain Dement (He just hauls ass... :)) Bernheim Racing Porsche 996
2:02.470 Nastasi/James (Rolex Daytona Prototype team)

Other AIM customers of interest are the teams and talent that we ran faster than below...

2:02.7 Boris Said BMW M3
2:02.9 Pete Halsmer Mustang GT
2:02.9 Pilla (Pole sitter) Mustang GT
2:03.2 Andy Lally and Spencer Pumpelly Porsche 997
2:03.4 Darren Law Porsche 997
2:05.7 Mike Fitzgerald (Porsche Cup Points Champion)

2:02.9 Gene Segal and David Russell BMW M3
2:05.3 Doug Goad (Daytona Prototype team) Pontiac GTO
2:03.5 Mike Borkowski (Daytona Prototype team)
2:03.2 David Murry and Blake Rosser Nissan 350Z

Again a huge thanks to Joe for taking time from his busy schedule to contribute these results!

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January 29, 2006

Race Day!

The start of the Daytona 200

Contributed by Joe Hullet
(Digital Competition Systems)

Race day arrives, and I am nervous! We spent last night changing the gearbox, making the final ride height changes and shock settings. The warm-up in the morning confirmed we had finally got it right and we were ready for the race. I finalized my fuel strategy and think we can make it on one stop for fuel, 4 tires and a driver change. My fuel capacity would only last 1 hour, 5 minutes but I needed 1 hour 15 minutes so I was counting on some yellow laps to push us along.

We got those laps during the first part of the race and again in the "fuel window" at 1 hour. When everyone else dove in for their stop, I told my driver to stay out and let me know the status of the incident in the "bus stop" that had caused this caution. After a few laps under caution, he let me know when the crashed car was being loaded on the flatbed and the tire wall was being repaired and then I knew I had 2 more laps under yellow to get our stop done. We came in nearly 10 minutes after everyone else and extended our fuel window out the second half of the race closer to the end. It would be close unless we got another caution! We got that caution at around the 2 hour mark and I now knew we could finish with the fuel we had.

At the last of the race, we were running some of the fastest laps of the race in the low 2:02 range and were making passes every lap. As the race came to the last 5 minutes, the cars began to pit for the "splash and go" stops and for many that pushed the envelope, the deadening feeling of that gurgle and bog as the motor had used the last of it's fuel. We were pushing and pushing hard as others began to try and conserve the fuel they had left. We had qualified 40th the day before because of the broken gearbox and today, it was starting to look like our luck had changed. As the checkered flag came out for the finish of the Daytona 200, we crossed the line in the top 10 of 88 entries. I guess the "Racing Gods" were looking down on us today...

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January 28, 2006

What a Day...

You know it's a bad day
when the driver's working on the car.

Contributed by Joe Hullet
(Digital Competition Systems)

Well, what a day. Everything that could go wrong did. It started out with some ride height changes and shock setting changes and quickly deteriorated from there. Settings made in pit lane under the pressure of 45 minute sessions and shared pit space led to some mistakes and set backs. We were able to stay in the top 20 and then lost 4th gear in the last session, 1 hour before qualifying. No time to get that box replaced so we had to go out and qualify with no 4th gear.

Needless to say, we will take the grid with a good look of the competition in front of us. We think we have the chassis platform back under control but are still guessing on a chassis pitch issue. Hopefully, an additional 50 PSI in the front shock canisters will give us the front end support under hard braking we were missing. We have 1 more 45 minute practice in the morning and we take the green flag at 2:30. Both drivers will need to get some seat time during that practice so I hope the setup is close... I guess we'll see...

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Calm before the storm.


Here is a picture of the booth before the crowds arrive, its kinda like the Christmas Tree before Santa has been and gone.

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View image

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Crowds gathered all day long at the AiM Sports booth to learn about the features of the new power packed MyChron4.

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January 27, 2006

Todays's the Big Day

Well we are all setup and ready to go in Hickory at Kartfest. After a long day of assembling our booth and talking to many of our friends we are ready for a big show. We have a brand new MyChron4 gauge which we will show for the first time. Its packed full of power and features.

Check back later for pics and updates on how the show is going as well as pictures of the MyChron4! We should also have an update from Joe Hullett on progress in the Rolex 24 Hour of Daytona.

MyChron Mike

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January 26, 2006

Daytona Report: Wednesday 1/25/2006

Bernheim Racing.

Bernheim Racing #03 Porsche 996 Carrera running in Grand-Am Cup Grand Sport.

Contributed by Joe Hullet
(Digital Competition Systems)

We got to the track and got our rigs parked and headed off to tech as there was no tracktime today. There are 169 cars to go through tech and it took hours. We still have to report to tech again in the morning before we take the track at 11:30.

We got our pitlane assignments and ended up first hot pit in pitlane. Could be good or bad as we cannot get a pitlane speed penalty coming in but it could be a curse as we need to watch any pace car position as it takes 40 seconds to get out. We have to be out of pitlane before the pace car with the field in tow crosses start/finish or we get held up to let the field by and going down 1 lap. It should take some crafty strategy...

We have 2 sessions tomorrow to get our setup right and then we qualify for Fridays race at 5:30. We believe we have a good setup to start and are only looking to fine-tune the suspension during our sessions. We will also need to calculate our fuel strategy by tomorrow night and hopefully get in some pitstop practice.

Browsing the paddock, we found no less than 30 cars running the MXL data systems and several utilizing the DaVid video system. Race teams using AIM components have increased by over 300% in Grand-Am Cup since last year. 3 AIM support representatives (Mario Trujillo, Chad Brackens and myself) are onsite to make sure all the customers and products are performing at their best.

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January 24, 2006

Countdown to Kartfest

Its just a little over a day before we leave for Hickory, NC and KartFest. I have so much left to do but thought I would remind everyone that besides the free RPM clip giveaway, AiM Sports will also have some even bigger news. Stop by the booth on Friday to see whats new! And don't forget to the data analysis seminars give by Roger Caddell of Victory Lane Data both Friday and Saturday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

We will also be accepting registration for our upcoming eMyChronNews newsletter coming this spring. It will be packed full of useful tech tips aimed at helping you get the most from your gauge and keeping you abreast of the latest software and firmware improvements available on our website. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

MyChron Mike

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January 23, 2006

Why do batteries explode?

We sometimes receive a gauge for repair which has damage resulting from battery acid leaking on the LCD and circuit board. In doing a bit of research I have found that all batteries sold here in the United States have plastic safety vents designed to release the buildup of hydrogen gas. This buildup of hydrogen gas is caused in part by the batteries being discharged below the common threshold of 0.7 volt. As an alkaline AAA battery drains down they become less and less alkaline which creates excess hyrdogen gas. This buildup then eventually triggers the safety vent to release caustic potassium hyrdoxide which can damage your gauge.

Two recommendations, first of all buy good quality alkaline batteries from a store which will have good turnover rate on its merchandise. This assures that you are getting the freshest batteries. Secondly if youre going to store your gauge for the winter or an extended period of time remove the batteries.

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Florida Winter Tour



Headed down to the Florida Winter Tour at Miami Homestead Raceway this weekend for the first stop of the 2006 series. Never been to Miami or a Winter Tour race so it should be exciting. Looks like the weather will be close to 80 degrees!

Highlights to follow on Monday.

Well the first round of the Florida Winter Tour turned out to be a huge success with over 500 entries for the 2 race days. It was a very well run event and I dont think I can ever recall an event this large with so many happy friendly people. I guess when you are coming from cold winter climate to the warmth of Southern Florida how could you not be happy. Hats off to Bill Wright and his whole crew on a job well done.

I saw a lot of faces which I hadnt seen in a while including Jim and Karen Murley of SKUSA fame, Don Mooremeister a SoCal transplant now living the good life in Idaho, Chris Eggar of Pats Acres in Oregon, Bonnier Moulton shooting for KartSport magazine and many time Karting World Champion Mike Wilson from Italy. Oh yeah and media magnate Rob Howden from Canada was racing in the Rotax class. Way to go Rob!

Upon my return home to Virgina Sunday in my shorts and flip flops I was greeted with light rain and temps in the mid 30's. Welcome back to reality, and long pants!

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January 20, 2006

Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

Mike and Joe at Road America

Contributed by Joe Hullet
(Digital Competition Systems)

Next week begins the journey to run the 44th Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. I have not missed one since 1994 and this year should be one of the best in history.

With a "who's-who" in motorsports line up, there are drivers from around the world and so many coming from IRL, Champ Car, NASCAR and IMSA. Dario Franchitti, Scott Pruett, Luis Diaz, Alan McNish, Danica Patrick, Rusty Wallace, Max Papis, Dan Wheldon, Scott Dixon, Boris Said, Casey Mears, Andy Wallace, Tony Stewart, Emmanuel Coullard, Scott Sharp, Adrian Fernandez, Eddie Cheever, Graham Rahal, the list goes on and on. Even the Grand-Am Cup shows some huge racing talent and TV personalities with Patrick Dempsey and Sebastien Bourdais.

There are 73 cars entered in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona starting Saturday, January 28th at 12:00 noon and 85 cars entered in the Grand Am Cup race starting Friday, January 27th at 2:15 in the afternoon. You can catch all the action on Speed Channel and Live Timing and Scoring on the Grand-Am website.

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January 16, 2006

Mini Install

Today Chad had a customer come by to have a look at an for his . I didn't see Chad for awhile so I went to look for him and found him in the driveway with the Strada about 90 percent installed. Amazing how quick it went and required only connecting a few wires to his ECU and in a matter of minutes we had most of the signal's from the ECU displayed on the dash. The customer works for our local NBC television station and is going to bring both the evening news anchor and weatherman over to have their cars done as well.

Maybe we can get them to do a show on the trials and tribulations of the MyChron Guys!

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January 13, 2006

NetKarPro Online SIM Racing Game

Check out new racing game & simulator @ which features the AiM for the in car views.

A full release is expected soon; a beta version is available for free download from (look down the left hand column).

See more screenshots at: .


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Friday the 13th

On my way to the office this morning the guys on the radio were talking about people who fear Friday the 13th. Do you know there are many medical terms used to describe peoples fear of anything to do with the number 13? Here are a few examples, friggatriskaidekaphobia, paraskevidekatriaphobia and last but not least triskaidekaphobia.

WKA has the Dirt Grand Nationals at Southern Pitt scheduled staring on Friday the 13th as does AKRA. How many of you do anything differently on the 13th?

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January 12, 2006

Send Your Questions to MyChron Mike

Send your questions into MyChron Mike and we'll post the answers.
Use the link at the right under "Sections".

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January 11, 2006


Well it's down to the two week countdown before we leave for KartFest. We exhibit at quite a few shows in the off season, the reason I call it the off season is that I get a couple of weekends off during that time period. I love KartFest for many reason but most of all we get to see all of our customers and dealers in a slower more relaxed environment. Yeah right! KartFest is crazy and packed full of people but its the best.

We are going to have a new addition to our product line and you are going to have a hand in deciding its final design. For the best suggestion on improving this new product we will be giving one away to the winner. Heck if we get more than one great idea we will probably give a few away. Look for more info here in the next few days.

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January 10, 2006

Rolex 24 Hours

Following a busy week in Daytona for WKA KartWeek it was back to Florida just days after our return for support of the Rolex 24 Hour test. In attendance were MyChron Chad Brackens, Mario Trujillo and Joe Hullett to service our growing auto clientele. Many of the factory Ford Mustangs, Mazda RX8's, Porsche GT3's and a couple of Prototypes were taking advantage of our top of the line MXL and DaVid Video systems in preparation for the grueling 24 hour race the last weekend in January.

Look for results later this month on how teams and drivers using AiM systems placed in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

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New improved RPM clip

RPM-clip-DSC00241.jpg In an effort to cut down on the number of times Chad or myself get paged to someones pit who is complaining of incorrect RPMs only to find a broken wire at the clip junction we have produced a new RPM clip. This new clip will eliminate the problem of broken wires at the clip junction, erratic RPM on the Animal engines due to the metal clip coming in contact with the shrouding. Installed properly it will also ensure a more consistent RPM especially in the very important low corner RPM reading.

Click the photo to see a larger image.

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Employment Opportunities

We currently have openings in our Roanoke Virginia and Lake Elsinore California offices. Applicants should love racing, be reliable, friendly, hard working, honest, energetic and outgoing. Must have good driving record and be able to travel and work weekends. A good knowledge of Windows is a plus as is the ability to speak any foreign languages. Duties will include handling support calls, repairs and technical support at race tracks throughout the United States and Canada. We are willing to train the right person for these entry level positions. Its a great place to work with so many opportunities. Please email with any questions or to submit a resume to

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January 09, 2006

Kartfest Seminars

We'll have 2 seminars at Kartfest, given by Roger Caddell of Victory Lane Data. Arrive early as I'm sure it will be standing room only. Here's the schedule:

Friday Jan 27: 3:30 - 5:30 in Room H
Saturday Jan 28: 3:30 - 5:30 in Room H

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