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May 08, 2007

Attention 4-Cycle Racers!

MyChron4 RPM and Power Cable - CAN
One cable, RPM and Power
A little known secret to the MyChron4 is it's ability to not only get a perfect RPM signal by connecting directly to a 4-cyle coil, but also to use excess power from the coil to completely power the gauge while the engine is running. This greatly increases the internal 9V battery life since the internal battery is only used for downloading or on screen data review while the engine is not running.

Straight to the Source for Perfect RPM Readings
The perfect RPM signal cannot be overlooked. Oval racers, in particular, know the importance of getting accurate low and high RPM readings. The difference in these two numbers, highlighted by the MyChron4, is critical in getting a good setup — there is no better indicator.

A Secret No More
Perfect RPM's and greatly extended battery life is no longer a secret, it's a $30 cable that plugs into the expansion port of your MyChron4.

Posted by Mike Jaynes at May 8, 2007 08:50 PM