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May 07, 2007

Race Studio 2 Update

RS2.gifRace Studio 2 reached version 2.21.25 today. Here in the USA, this is a combined update of v2.21.24 and .25. This release includes several bug fixes and improvements. It also adds support for four new ECU's; the HydraEMS Nemesis 2 ECU, the stock Nissan 350Z ECU, Marelli Toyota A, and Performance Electronics ECU-1. Continue reading for update details.

Race Studio Configuration
1. On MXL and EVO3 Pro systems, changing the ECU type will maintain the master channels settings
2. Added clock management on MXL / EVO3 Pro systems
3. Added a Shift light signal with threshold management to the available output signal pool
4. Updated Japanese language
5. On MXL and EVO3 Pro systems, in the “Online” window channels are ordered as shown in the Configuration Panel
6. On MXL and EVO3 Pro systems, the “Online” window can be resized
7. Improved data verification while downloading tests
8. Fixed bug – downloading some test can lead to a queued “ghost lap”
9. Fixed bug – Before CAN line identification, sometimes it was necessary to transmit a configuration with no expansion modules connected; lambda probes or David.
10. Fixed bug on maximum allowable frequency on ECU channels
11. Fixed bug on resetting the rpm values to default on David Standalone system
12. Added ECU management: HydraEMS Nemesis
13. Added ECU management: Nissan 350Z
14. Returned 100hz channels sampling frequency is available (on Mazda MX5 ECU)
15. Added ECU management: Marelli Toyota_A for EVO3 Pro
16. Added ECU management: Performance Electronics PE-ECU_1

Race Studio Analysis
1. In the Laps history bar, disabled laps are hidden in “snap on” mode
2. Fixed bug on calculating split times in the split time window
3. Fixed bug that could generate a software crash while opening or closing a .drk file keeping the engine analysis window open
4. Fixed bug in XY graph profiles management
5. Fixed software/firmware version string in the advanced info test window
6. Added a new algorythm to realign GPS data
7. Fixed indexing procedure and export of XML (Google KML) files
8. Improved filters management in Channels Optimization
9. Fixed bug on final time calculation in Time Compare function
10. Fixed cursor misalignment between map and time plot while zoomed

Posted by Mike Jaynes at May 7, 2007 06:00 PM