December 17, 2014

2014-15 Learn Fast™ Calendar

2014-15 Learn Fast™ Data Seminars

Individual event details to follow. Interested in hosting a seminar? Please email Roger Caddell.

** Updated December 17th, 2014 **

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December 16, 2014

New MXS Color Dash Logger

MXS PDF Cover 450px

This new "mini-MXG" called MXS was the most gawked over thing in our booth this year at the Performance Racing Industry show. It's a full color dash in size package similar to our MXL2. The MXS sacrifices nothing in power or features to the bigger MXG. The expected retail is $2299, and it'll be shipping early March 2015, before the race season starts. Click the image above or here to download the preliminary spec sheet.

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June 02, 2014

This is MyChron Mike, MX

MyChron Mike MX

After taking a few decades off, MyChron Mike McKnight made his return to MX racing this past weekend in New Berlin, NY at Unadilla Motocross Park. Pictured here aboard his AiM Sports SmartyCamHD sponsored Maico 440 Magnum.

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May 07, 2014

Does it connect to *my* ECU?

ECU Photo

"Does it connect to my ECU?" is a common question we get. We support over 500 engine control units (ECU), so the answer is most commonly, "yes!".

"Yes!" is the short answer but there is often a longer and better answer. In regards to OEM ECU's, an easy connection is a connection at the diagnostic port of the vehicle, or OBD2 port. That's where the longer answer comes in. There are considerations to be taken when considering the quantity and quality of the data. The OBD2 port is tough to beat for convenience, and in many cases can yield some of the best data - but there's more to that story.

The OBD2 port was designed exactly for that, on-board-diagnostics. The OBD2 software protocol requires that you send a message to the ECU requesting a value for a specific parameter, and it will return the answer. For diagnostics scan tools, great! But what if you have a lot of "questions"? And what if you want the info fast and often? The OBD2 protocol was not designed for this, it's a lot of "chatter", it's slow, and is not the best solution. But there is a silver lining to this dark OBD2-cloud. In many cases it is possible to access the vehicles proprietary CAN bus (Controller Area Network) via the OBD2 port, where data flies around at high speed to be shared with multiple devices on the vehicle in real time.

So the vehicles' CAN bus is the optimum solution. It will provide the most data at the highest possible speeds from the ECU and other devices connected to the CAN bus, like ABS systems for example. The CAN protocol is an elegant and robust protocol designed (by Bosch) to share information between vehicle control systems. This CAN information moves around on only two wires and is nearly impervious to interference.

So how do you get this CAN bus connection? This is where our industry leading ECU support comes in - don't settle for OBD2 communication unless you have to. As stated, sometimes it's available at the OBD2 port, other times there are places to tap in to the vehicles CAN bus directly. Here's a handy reference to see what's available for your car and where:

ECU Connect

Download this handy reference guide here.

Our Italian partners also maintain a great resource of manuals for connecting to OEM specific ECU's that can be found here. They also maintain documentation for connecting to all the aftermarket and racing ECU's that we support.

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May 02, 2014

Solo DL: Yamaha R1 & R6 Kits

Foto moto yamaha r1 2010 220

Rounding out the currently available PNP kits for sport bikes is our most complete offering, kits for the Yamaha R1 and R6. Here again, the Solo DL installs in minutes utilizing the OEM connections and the provided Yamaha mounting bracket. The kit is made up of two pieces:

1) The Yamaha mounting bracket:


2) And one of the following ECU connection cables:

You can download the installation guide, including referencing part numbers, here. These kits are available now and retail for $77.

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April 29, 2014

Solo DL: BMW S100RR PNP Kit

Foto moto bmw 220

We also offer a Solo DL plug and play kit for your BMW S1000RR. The Solo DL installs in minutes utilizing the OEM connections and the provided BMW mounting bracket. The kit is made up of two pieces:

The ECU Cable and the BMW S100RR mounting bracket:

Bmw cavo1 Bmw staffa

You can download the installation guide here. The kit is available now and retails for $105, part number V0256923CS.

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April 28, 2014

Solo DL: Ducati PNP Kit

Foto moto ducati 220

We offer a great Solo DL plug and play kit for your Ducati 848, 1098, and 1198. The Solo DL installs in minutes utilizing the OEM connections and the provided Ducati mounting bracket. The kit is made up of two pieces:

The ECU Cable and the Ducati mounting bracket:

Foto cavo1 Foto staffa

You can download the installation guide here. The kit is available now and retails for $75, part number V02569170CS.

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April 08, 2014

Canadian Superbike Data


Andrew Trevitt details 'Using Data Acquisition in the Canadian Superbike Series' with the Jodi Christie / Honda Canada / Accelerated Technologies team in this issue of Inside Motorcycles.

The article, in PDF, can be read here.

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August 19, 2013

Data for the Win!

Jodi Christie Suspension Data Image

Canadian Superbike racer, Jodi Christie, scores his first ever Superbike win at Atlantic Motorsport Park, edging out 8x champ, Jordan Szoke. Andrew Trevitt details how data was used to continually improve the setup that allowed Christie to put bring his CBR1000RR across the line first. Click through to read Trevitt's Blog: Data From Atlantic Motorsport Park.

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July 15, 2013

Godspeed, Wild Bill

Bill Warner

It is with disbelief and terrible grief that we share the passing of long time customer and friend of AiM Sports, "Wild" Bill Warner. Bill's attempt at another world land speed record on Sunday proved to be Bill's last ride. WMTV has the story here.

It was just two years ago this month that we were sharing Bill's 311 MPH record breaking ride, shattering his own record.

Godspeed, Wild Bill.

Wild Bros. Racing

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June 17, 2013

Race Studio, The 2.50 Series

Dasduell klein

With the June 17th release of Race Studio 2.52.00, we again expand and update our already huge library of OEM and aftermarket ECU support drivers. When it comes to ECU support, we simply have no equal. Here, in just the recent 2.50 series of software releases, are the ECU's added and updated:

When you add these to the several hundred ECU's already supported, you're very likely find an ECU connection for your application. Our Italian partners maintain a comprehensive connection guide with details for most every connection, you'll find it here.

Direct download link to Race Studio 2.52.00 and release notes.

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January 03, 2013

Learn Fast™ in Sonoma, CA | February 2nd


Auto and Moto Data Seminar

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December 06, 2012

Solo Review in Sport Rider Magazine

146 1212 01 o SR tested AiM sports solo

The December 2012 issue of Sport Rider Magazine features a review of our Solo lap timer and data logging system. Pick up the current issue on the newsstand, or head over to and read the article here.

Sport Rider has made the Solo their data tool of choice for testing. Wait 'til they find out that the Solo DL would give them 21 more channels of data from late model Gixxers, with more manufacture support to follow.

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October 16, 2012

2012-13 Learn Fast™ Calendar

2012-13 Learn Fast™ Data Seminars

Individual event details to follow. Interested in hosting a seminar? Please email Roger Caddell.

** Added or modified on January 29th, 2013

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July 12, 2012

Solo DL ♥ LCU-One

Solo - Official photo 400px.jpg

Solo DL firmware version 46.03.04 adds support for our LCU-One wide-band lambda controller and sensor. Plug and play simplicity. Record Lambda value, AFR, sensor temp, and error codes on your Solo DL. Also requires the Race Studio 2.47.00 software.

Software, firmware, and release notes are available here.

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July 03, 2012

MXL Dash for EVO4

MXL Dash for EVO4MXL Dash for EVO4.

The new MXL Dash displays all pertinent parameters to the racer, such as RPM, speed, gear number, engine vitals, alarms and lap times. Like it's sibling dash-logger, the MXL Dash features 6 configurable alarm LED's and 10 gear flash LED's working in two sets of 5.

The MXL Dash features a robust, light aluminum body and a backlit, high contrast LCD display for excellent visibility in every lighting condition.

The new MXL Dash is available now for your EVO4 at a price of $899, or available in kit form with an EVO4 data logger and accessories for $1999. Contact your preferred AiM dealer to purchase.

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July 19, 2011

Wild Bill, 311 MPH on Two Wheels


Bill Warner of Wild Brothers Racing set another world record over the weekend with a 311.95 MPH pass - on a bike!! Blowing away his previous world record, set last year, of 273.36 MPH. Click here to read the story and see a video!

Recording the data and giving Bill his bike's vitals was an MXL digital dash logger from AiM, and capturing on-board video was a SmartyCam.

Congratulations Bill!!

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July 07, 2011

MXL, an Icon


The MXL, an icon in performance data logging instrumentation, was recognized as such by eBay Motors in their 'It's Race Time' ad.

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September 19, 2007

Naked 200 MPH Club

Scott McLeod is the new top speed record holder and newest member of the Bonneville "Naked" 200 mph club.


The record of 215.051 mph averaged speed, was set on Scott's Suzuki Hayabusa in the (M-BG 1350cc) class. The "naked" class name comes from the lack of any fairings in front of the rider or any sort of streamlining - no protection from the wind. Scott gained entry into the coveted Bonneville naked 200 mph club as member number 19, the 19th person in the history of Bonneville land speed racing to break a record over 200 mph on a motorcycle with no fairings.

Read More of Scott's story and how he used his MXL to break records...


As told by Scott:

[I'm a] Local contractor from Seattle whose just gotten into drag racing and land speed racing.

Bought a 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa to turbo charge for my new street bike

Met the local drag strip champion in 2006 and was talked into bringing my bike to the drag strip to see what it could do. After my first pass I was totally hooked. Wide open throttle with no cross traffic to worry about was so cool. After a few passes at the local drag strips I was required to get my NHRA drag racing license before I could go any quicker.

After racing on the weekends for two months, my No. 3 cylinder leaned out and melted under 10 pounds a boost. There was a lot of speculation of what might have caused it but nothing was ever conclusive. Not knowing why the engine failed drove me nuts. At this point, since I was running the engine hard, I decided it was time to buy a data logger. I rebuilt the engine with heavy duty parts and installed a data logger that recorded air fuel ratio, boost levels and RPM. This allowed me to do some minor tuning and keep the air fuel ratio safe. It grabbed its info from the bikes secondary fuel controller. The logger was adequate for basic performance but I soon realized at the beginning of the 2007 drag racing season I needed more information than it could supply. I was winning races, but I was still struggling to get the bike to make consistent passes. This year I was also planning on taking the bike to the Bonneville salt flats to see how fast I could go.

I contacted most of the major data logger manufacturers and inquired about their sampling rates and the number of channels their models offered. After searching for a few months I narrowed down my choices to the AiM Sports data loggers and accessories. The AiM Sports MXL / EVO series of data logger's was the best bang for the buck out there for my applications. Both units would handle all the new sensors I wanted to install and had enough memory to record a week's worth of racing. The only dilemma I was having now was, should I buy the EVO or the MXL PRO? The EVO was a small black box recorder that would let me keep my stock gauge cluster. The the MXL pro is a cool LCD display that can be programmed to show any of its installed sensors I want to monitor. I made cutouts of all the external gauges I wanted to monitor while using my stock instrument panel and taped them around the stock gauge cluster. As it turns out I didn't have enough room for all the extra gauges. The MXL pro is now the clear choice. I ordered and installed the MXL pro and sensors a week before I departed for speed week 2007 at the Bonneville salt flats. After I made my rookie runs I turned up the power to see what the bike could do. At mile 3 the rear wheel sensor said I was doing 269 mph and the GPS showed only 205 mph. Managing traction is the key to going fast for a motorcycle on the salt flats. As I analyzed my wheel spin, the next a few passes got progressively faster. At speeds over 200 mph the wind shear on my unfaired bike was so strong that it ripped off the air filter that clamps to the intake of the turbocharger three times. By Thursday I had upped the current record to 215.051 mph and was indoctrinated into the prestigious Bonneville 200 mph club. I had just accomplished a lifelong dream. In my opinion the MXL pro just paid for itself. During my runs I found out that the No. 1 and No. 3 cylinder's start to lean out after 20 pounds of boost even though my air fuel mixture looks fine. This will help me re-tune for next year's speed week where I will run with the fairings on.


As told by Scott Guthrie from
SCOTT HORNER and SCOTT Mc LEOD announced early at Speed Week 2007 that there was going to be a real battle in “naked” class M/BG-1350. Both men were running fast against a record set in 2003 with bike now owned by Member Scott Guthrie. On Monday, Scott Horner showed 206.419 MPH in the first mile, while Mc Leod ran 205.726 in the final mile. Mc Leod’s 207.527 MPH exit speed demonstrated that he still had “something left.” The early week speeds promised much faster times later in the week, if both men did their jobs, and the bikes held together.

In the next morning’s runs, Horner couldn’t hold his bike on course in the high winds, and Mc Leod’s name doesn’t appear in the results for a record return attempt.

(Somewhere in here, Mc Leod suffered a “paperwork malfunction,” and his over 200 MPH record was disallowed by the SCTA / BNI.)

Horner was still safe for the moment.

Horner then grabbed the record first, on Wednesday, at 209.793 MPH. Horner received the coveted “Red Hat” from the Bonneville 200 MPH Club, and was introduced to the hundreds of people attending the 200 Club banquet that evening.

Mc Leod wasn’t done yet.

On Thursday, with time running out for the week that started on Saturday, Mc Leod responded with an exit speed of 219.057 MPH, and snagged the record from Horner by about 6 MPH, setting Horner’s 209.793 MPH mark up to 215.051 MPH.

That took Horner’s name out of the record book after only 24 hours.

Horner wasn’t out of options either, and changed classes to challenge a record set in the 2006 Speed Week by Club Member Scott Guthrie, in class M / BF-1350. Horner upped Guthrie’s record to 205.589 MPH to regain a place in the record book on the last day of the meet.

Mc Leod had recorded a 200.451 MPH “naked” at El Mirage the month before. Not enough for Club membership against a record of 202.107 MPH, but still plenty fast.

Think next year is going to be fun?

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October 30, 2006

Nicky Hayden

2006 MotoGP World Champion!

How cool is that?

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October 19, 2006

They Say A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words


What was Dani Pedrosa thinking on lap 2 in Estoril when he took the MotoGP points leader and his HRC teammate Nicky Hayden out of the race and the points lead with an out of control attempted pass? I think his ego is so huge that he couldnt bear the thought of Nicky possibly winning the MotoGP world championship and being the first to unseat Valentino Rossi in 5 years. I believe that he would rather have Rossi win again and then take his best shot next year in 2007 and he did his best to insure that scenario. I would bet that Rossi and Yamaha have had a few good laughs at the expense of HRC and Pedrosa in days since.

Nicky still has a slim chance at the title but it could require some help from Pedrosa but based on past experience that doesnt seem too likely.


Alberto Pig, Dani Pedrosa's manager and mentor now blames Nicky for the crash which took both Repsol riders out of the race. He claims Nicky braked early which forced Pedrosa to crash taking Hayden down in the process. This is after Pedrosa admitted in an HRC press release that he made a grave error in judgement. Again as is so common in todays world no one can assume responsibility for their mistakes. Maybe Pig is planning a career in politics?

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October 03, 2006

Busa Madness

Check out this wild ride from McCoy Motorsports as featured on the Metric TV Sportbike Build off. The custom Hayabusa bike features a specially prepped MXL digital dash with translucent red/maroon powder coating. Neel and Joel from Apex Speed handled the wiring and install on this one of a kind beauty.

Apex Speed Technology and McCoy Motorsports have teamed together again to build the most radical custom Suzuki ever imagined. McCoy Motorsports “Turbo Pheonix”, featuring a custom AIM MXL Strada Dash, has been selected as finalist in “Metric TV” biker buildoff.

It will also be on the cover of next month’s Super Streetbike magazine. Aim Sports worked with Apex to provide an MXL Pista in a custom, red-anodized case to match the rest of the bike’s color scheme. The stock Suzuki Hayabusa harness was modified to accept the AIM dash, utilizing all the stock sensors including speed, water temperature, RPM, and boost. Apex Speed Technology also provide the BPD ECU and performed all the fuel injection tuning in one plug & play package.



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