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Roger Caddell free online seminars 2021
Looking for something to do in self quarantine?
Learn something while staying at home with our free "LearnFast" online seminars.
Each week, our resident datadriven teacher Roger Caddell will be conducting informative webinars and lectures using the @zoom platform.
Next webinar:
MAY 11th, 2021 | 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM EU
The topic is: Better Braking and Data
This webinars guest will be PAGID RACING Brakes Application Engineer, Ian Berwick. This will be the 1st time Ian is joining us for our AiM Sports Webinar series. A short bio for Ian follows.
Ian Berwick has 34 years in the international auto racing scene ranging from race mechanic, crew chief and driving instructor (Skip Barber) to Motorsports Manager (Pirelli), to Brake Engineer (Alcon Components & PAGID Racing) to Vehicle Dynamics Engineer ( With such a broad spectrum of experience, and team and driver interactions from the club to the professional level, in SCCA, IMSA, Ferrari Challenge, Champ Car, IndyCar, Grand Am and more, he has an expansive base of knowledge to draw upon. The 2021 race season will be 14 years dedicated solely to the brake industry.
Please note that you can find ALL the prior webinars and much more on the AiM Sports YouTube page:
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Engineering The Driver The Science of Motorsport with Matt Romanowski and David Ferguson (January 12th)
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... but don't forget the Roger Caddell Training Events 2020
The core principle of all AiM Sports data training is to reveal that data acquisition will allow the user to determine what the vehicle is doing, when it is doing it and why it is doing it while using AiM Sports hardware and software.
This AiM Sports data seminar has been designed to be very interactive with real examples of actual racing data. The webinars are not just lectures, AiM Sports National Training Manager, Roger Caddell invites questions and comments from attendees and has found that group discussion of the examples helps everybody understand the information more fully.
The webinars are free self-explained You-Tube video courses.
Instead the LearnFastTM webinars are "traditional" courses managed by Roger Caddell.
* Due to Coronavirus emergency