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Roger Caddell free online seminars 2021
Each week, our resident datadriven teacher Roger Caddell will be conducting informative webinars and lectures using the @zoom platform.
Next webinar:
SEPTEMBER 27th, 2022 | 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM EU
The topic is: AiM Sports Hardware - System Layout & Expansion.
This webinars Co-Host will be Matt Romanowski of
Matt has been a co-host on many of our AiM Sports Webinar series. Here is a short bio for Matt:
Matt Romanowski participated in his first track event when he was 18 years old at Lime Rock Park, Matt was hooked. Through crewing on a SCCA Formula Continental to supporting championship efforts in various categories from SCCA Regionals to Pro Racing, racing data has been at the center of motorsport for Matt. From the early AiM Sports Mychron 3 systems to the latest MXP dash loggers, SmartyCam videos, Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) and everything in between, racing data has been what he does. Matt has worked hard to build to be the center for AiM Sports Sales, Support, and Coaching where his customers have won SCCA, NASA, Pro Racing, and other championships.
Please note that you can find ALL the prior webinars and much more on the AiM Sports YouTube page:
Webinar already held in 2022:
I Have a PDM, Now What? Worked Examples with Robbie Yeoman (August, 30th, 2022)
Installing and Using a Data System with Chlo Lerin (July, 26th, 2022)
Race Studio 3 User Profiles - Tips from Experienced/Power Users with Roger Caddell (June, 21st, 2022)
Map Segments in Race Studio 3 with Ray Phillips (June, 14th, 2022)
Math Channels - Practical Use of the RS3 Math Channel Function with Emiliano Bina and Matt Romanowski
(June, 7th, 2022)
Optimizing Your Bike Gear Ratio at a New Track with Chlo Lerin (May, 31st, 2022)
Introducing the SmartyCam 3 Sport - The Ultimate Motorsport Camera Specifically Designed for Karting and Club Racing with Fabrizio Rizzi (May, 24th, 2022)
RS3 Analysis Test Database Function - Settings and Tips for the Best Use of this Function with Emiliano Bina (May, 17th, 2022)
Race Studio 3 Analysis - The Best Use of the "Histogram" Function with Matt Romanowski (May, 10th, 2022)
Rapid SCHD Video/Data Review - A Great Solution for Many Users with Roger Caddell (May, 3rd, 2022)
RS3 Analysis Split Times Report Function - Settings and Tips for the Best Use of this Function with James Colborn (April, 26th, 2022)
Track Function - Settings and Tips for the Best Use of This RS3A Function with Emiliano Bina (April, 19th, 2022)
RS3 Analysis Scatter Plot Function - Settings and Tips for the Best Use of this Function with Matt Romanowski
(April, 12th, 2022)
RS3 Analysis Channels Report Function - Settings and Tips for the Best Use of this Function with James Colborn
(April, 5th, 2022)
Time-Distance Function - Settings and Tips for the Best Use of This RS3A Function with Matt Romanowski
(March, 29th, 2022)
RS2 Analysis to RS3 Analysis - Tips & Tricks to Get You Started Right with Roger Caddell (March, 22nd, 2022)
RS3 Math Channel Function - A New and More Powerful Tool with Emiliano Bina (March, 15th, 2022)
RS3 Analysis Beta to Production - Moving Your Data, Profiles, Map Splits, Maths & More! with Matt Romanowski
(March, 8th, 2022)
Personalizing Your RS3A Experience - User Profiles, Track Maps, Track Splits, Etc. with James Colborn
(March, 1st, 2022)
Race Studio 3 Analysis Software Release - Part 10 with Emiliano Bina (February, 22nd, 2022)
An AiM PDM Users Experience with Robbie Yeoman and Todd Buras (February, 15th, 2022)
AiM Sports CAN - ECU Driver Builder Features Update with Robbie Yeoman (February, 8th, 2022)
GPS vs Wheel Speed - From a Dirt Oval Kart View with David Smith (February, 1st, 2022)
"Racer of Motorcycles" - Motorcycle Data from Nolan Lamkin (January, 25th, 2022)
Race Studio 3 Analysis (Beta) - Data Import and User Interface Update with Matt Romanowski (January, 18th, 2022)
Kyle Busch - Using Data as a Racer and a Racing Dad (January, 11th, 2022)
Racing Sim Data, How Best to Use It in Race Studio Analysis with James Colborn, Ray Phillips, Thijs Veenstra and Emiliano Bina (January, 4th, 2022)
... but don't forget the Roger Caddell Training Events
The core principle of all AiM Sports data training is to reveal that data acquisition will allow the user to determine what the vehicle is doing, when it is doing it and why it is doing it while using AiM Sports hardware and software.
This AiM Sports data seminar has been designed to be very interactive with real examples of actual racing data. The webinars are not just lectures, AiM Sports National Training Manager, Roger Caddell invites questions and comments from attendees and has found that group discussion of the examples helps everybody understand the information more fully.
The webinars are free self-explained You-Tube video courses.
Instead the LearnFastTM webinars are "traditional" courses managed by Roger Caddell.