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Shift Light Module
Your shift lights where you wish
The Shift Light Module is a compact array of ten RGB LEDs which helps monitoring RPM thresholds and lap time performances.
It can be helpful when you have a logger but not a dash, or even in case your dash is positioned where you can't easily see its shift lights.
With Race Studio 3 software you can easily set the LED color and the RPM value that turns each LED on/off, also depending on the gear number. It is fully customisable: users can select a solid alarm or flashing one and its flashing frequency.
You can set the Shift Lights Module as a Predictive Lap Timer as well:
the LEDs bar will turn green
if you are improving your chrono
compared to the best one of the
session or will turn
red if you are getting worse.
The Module is CAN compatible with the following systems: EVO4S, EVO5, MXL2, MXG (1st gen), MXS (1st gen), MXG, MXG Strada, MXP, MXP Strada, MXS, MXS Strada.
Please note: predictive lap time function is only available for MXG, MXG Strada, MXP, MXP Strada, MXS and MXS Strada.