Version Date Changes/additions
RS3 Beta 3.50.95 September, 22th 2021 Download


Added possibility to sum slices in the histogram.

Fixed colors of slices in storyboard.

Fixed crash due to infinite loop after deletion of the storyboard.

Improved autorange for channels in plots.

Bug fix: the split analysis window didn't correctly react to profile main theme color change.

Fixed drawing of selected rows in Sessions DB.

Fix to corrupted split report after selecting a different sector sequence.

Fix to download "error while parsing files".

Fix to tracks updates that could lead to crash when having RS3 initially connected to the web and loosing the connection right while updating tracks.

Fixed management of the timer that controls the end of the session import process: it could trigger a useless refresh before import completion.

Fixed bad lap number shown in some windows in place of lap label.

Fixed lap number in preview laps report page.

In case users import a number of sessions that's greater than 30% of already existing sessions the 'new' state is not shown.

Fix of a scroll problem in story board view.

Fixed scatter plot that could be plotting square shaped points instead of circle shaped points.

Introduced pixel subsampling of all graphics (plots and maps) to avoid calling drawing APIs on useless points.

Some further work to speed up graphics.

Switched in plots drawing routines (roughly 2x speed) to using integer drawing APIs instead of floating point APIs.

Mini fix in maps and plots drawing routines (roughly 2x speed) avoiding to draw point when their size is not greater than line thickness.

Fixed track map population that was missing when a track map window is added to a profile.

Added possibility to view comments in advanced info window.

Channels Report now uses the chosen unit of measure and number of decimals.

Columns in Channels Report have a fixed order, and do not depend anymore on how they were added.

Fixed drawing glitch in channels list.

Fixed progress bar for session import dialog window.

Fixed bug in drawing of slices being dragged.

Fix use of mouse pad for horizontal scroll in split report and channels report.

Bug fix in measure settings: decimal figures and custom scaling.

Improved data import reliability upon clicks on 'Cancel' button.

Bug fixes in cursor and delta management.

Improved cursor accuracy in case of data+video sessions.

Fixed bug in batch conversion, for which gpk files were not generated in case 'merge' checkbox was flagged.

Fixes in the mouse interaction for plots (time/dist, scatter, histogram).

Custom Sensors

Fixed possible crash when creating new sensor.


Save As: fixed bug in Status Variables (were not copied) and Parameters (Reference Speed was not copied).

Save As: Restored user error messages.

Save As: Fixed bug that could generate wrong copy of button data.

Save As: Fixed bug that could not copy all configuration data.

Save As: Fixed bug when using Custom ECUs.

Fixed bug for which sometimes, upon connecting a device, clicking the first time on the device row, wouldn't show the device.

Fixed bug about maximized windows that could be overlapped by the system application bar.

Improved access to the display MENU (Firmup needed). Now, you just choose te pushbutton for entering the menu, then the four pushbuttons near the display let you move through the pages, independently upon their configuration.

SW4: Multiposition window: correct drawing of the last element.

SW4: Rotary settings: fixed bug in last position (shown truncated).

SW4: Shiftlight module can now be added.

SW4: Fixed crash when setting button LED color.

SW4: Enabled only GPS lap detection.

SW4: Paddleshift channels: now work only as "momentary".

SW4: Fixed bug about saving data of Multipositon Button.

Channel Settings: fixed vertical dimension for dialog window.

PDM: ShiftLight and Alarms: fixed bug in device image showing truncated.

PDM: Pullup resistor available for all sensors.

Fixed date format in configuration to fit available space.

Fixed Windows 7 bug when configuring display pages using fonts incompatible with that SO.

Fixed bug in setting alarm condition for digital status channel: 'equal to' and 'different from' can now be set.


Fixed bug for which SCHD and SD cards didn't show the number of laps and the best time any more.


The warnings formerly shown into devices list are now shown as a tooltip in the "Connected devices" item.

Fixed bug: now past warnings are no more shown upon closing the network connection.


Fixed error parsing files, due to bad conversion of xrz into xrk.

ECU Protocols

Added possibility to import DBC Files.

Fixed bug in deleting alarm that could close the software.

Fixed bug about CAN protocol managing.

Update of CAN protocol files to fix some bugs.

Fixed bug in ECU protocols index management.

Web Updates

Fixed bug that could prevent the firmware update from running.

RS3 Beta 3.50.81 July, 30th 2021 Download


RS3 now forbids, at the very first run, opening main analysis window and main tracks window until track database has been populated.

Fix to main progressbar drawing to avoid a side glitch.

Added Possibility link data and video sessions manually.

Fixed bug for which in some (very limited) cases RS3A was unable to associate a track to a session, generating also a task remaining up after RS3 closure.

Fixed drawing bug meaningful channels.

Added possibility to show/hide plot axes.

Improved coloring management for all plots.

Fixed bug in split report computations.

Improved scatter plot coloring.

Fixed, in laps list, the indicator of chosen lap, to avoid it showing multiple laps selected.

Fixed time compare delta rate and delta average.

Fixed bug in generation of tdms files (National Instruments TM), that were added also into batch conversion window.

Fixed bug in parsing xrz files.

Improved responsiveness of redrawing operation in all windows.

Fixed bug for which there was the wrong possibility ro resize windows hidden by space bar.

Improved responsiveness of mouse move on time/dist.

Improved click detection in draggable tab controls (formerly a click could be misinterpreted as a drag start event).

Fixed memory usage issue in GDI+.

Fixed RS3A DB import while downloading xrk files merged into one drk (RS3A never merges as it features GPS time mode).

Fixed management of time compare delta in time/dist view.

Fixed bug for which, upon zooming on the first or last split, a new doubleclick wouldn't bring back to the entire lap.


PDM online: detected configured display type and used in managing logo size. New fw is required.

Display tab: now keeping channel selection when drag and drop occurs.

Fixed bug when saving channel that shows warning icon for channels that were 'not set'.

Status Variable: cleaned the graphic glitches in left margin.

PDM: When the Icon tab is clicked and no display is selected. Fixed bug that didn't show the select button.

SW4: improvement in GUI. Unique dialog for channel and led color settings.

RS3 Beta 3.50.76 July, 16th 2021 Download


Improved delta management.

Sessions database now saves search filters.

Fixed bug importing drk files.

Fixed bug for zoom at split that wasn't working in all cases.

Fixed bug for which two movie windows were erroneously open when two consecutive moves were available for a single session.

Fixed bug for which the play buttons in the movies were wrongly left disabled.

Fixed bug for which the cursor in the movies could result badly placed upon adding a lap.

Sessions just impoerted now are highlighted with a 'new' icon.

Fixes in track map dialog.

After the import phase the sessions just imported have been highlighted.

Fix: GPS altitude was wrongly shown in meters.


Fix to session best lap time shown in download window.


Fixed drawing of track directions.

Fixed bug in redrawing of the hot track, that could result in drawing no line.

Fixed bug in creation of a new map, that could be impossible when trying to create a map made of only beacons.


Feedbacks and uploads to AiM support now allow a better control upon files being uploaded, and inform users upon a possible call to support when not logged in.

RS3 Beta 3.50.71 July, 9th 2021 Download


Fix in computations in weather dialog window.

Introduced possibility to change the selected map and the split division for loaded sessions.

Bug fix: recover of the zoom functinality after having zoomed in too much.

Bug fix: upon opening a session the profile could result in being empty.

Bug fix: RS3Analysis could generate a crash removing a window from a profile.

Added possibility to export the shown chunk of videos.

Scatter plot now is cross interpolating x and y channels (data points are more precise for users).

Added icons to scatter plot (color channel, choose X channel).

Fixed tooltip for export of files.

Fixed bug for which, pressing righ/left buttons in a window other than RS3 you could move analysis cursors.

Fixed management of space bar when focus is in an edit control (for example space bar).

Fixed tooltip in histograms toolbar.

Fixed bug for which, in case of no GPS data trace, the color of the message informing users in track map window was mistaken.

Fixed bug in zooming a data slice while in "snap on + timed + zoomed storyboard", it could lead to an unwanted lap shift.

Fixed buggy zoom out in "time/dist + time", that didn't stop at the session length.

Added Import of race Studio Analisys Math channels

Fixed import of MOV files without GPS data

Fixed display of web maps when no route is available

Minor bug fixes.

Fixed bug in zooming a data slice while in "snap on + timed + zoomed storyboard", it could lead to an unwanted lap shift.

Fixed buggy zoom out in "time/dist + time", that didn't stop at the session length.

DB import now avoids to loose time checking files with an unsupported extension

Some fixes in the management of units of measure in weather and log-sheets

Added support for Junior Dragsters, with dedicated preview window and log sheet view available in analysis page.

Some fixes to the automatic splits sequences computed by software, to manage two consecutive corners on the same side, even it they have different cornering radiuses.

While importing xrk or mov files, RS3A automatically recognizes reverse tracks.

General improvements in the syncronizatino engine of all GPS/data/video streams.

Fixed bug for which in the database list sessions could be shown with the most recent at the bottom instead of at the top.

Some graphic improvements and bug fixes in the plots (time/dist, scatter, histograms).

Fixed some crashes in channels report that could occurr upon channels with few or no samples.

Fixed, in channels report, the horizontal scrollbar that automatically appears in case of many items shown: it could appear with wrong size.

Fixed bug with wrong sizing of video windows while loading profiles.

Fixes message informing users upon missing video files, that in some cases could not appear when needed.

Web mapping is now quicker, as we managed in avoiding some useless computations.

Tooltip can be disabled for track maps.

Avoiding, in scatter plot, to show by default as Y a channel used in X.

Fixed bug for which, while zooming, a zoom reset button wasn't effective.


Support request button in configurations and in sensors is shown only if user is correctly logged in.

Fixed error management in converting lat/lon/alt values (only in case these values are in error).

Some typos were fixed.

Fixed bug in live measures conversion of latitude and longitude (only for SmartyCam and only for negative values).

Fixed bug in live measures conversion units.

Fixed bug live measures conversion units.

Small improvements/fixes in live measure values.

Added support for M5-bike-performance.

Added some computed values to those already available in weather forecasts and historic weather.

Some improvements to RS3 logging system.

Flat toolbar buttons are a new default.

In the login dialog the 'tab' key correctly switches between user name and password.

In the device use info page, as well as in the download window, it's now possible to manage dragsters race modes and vehicle types.

Improvements to avoid RS3 locking while closing (as from feedbacks).

Fixes to distance unit of measures, that could appear (in limited cases) with the wrong decimal number.

Fixed dialog window for units of measure: it could generate a false duplicate of units.

Fixed some memory leaks closing the RS3.

Fixed 'out of range' problem on empty strings in some edit boxes.

Fixed a couple of typos.


Fixed bug for which, upon failure in convertion of the xrk file in an extended format (tms, kml, csv, or others) the RS3 was stating 'error creating drk files' even if drk were correctly created.


SmartyCam HD 2.2: fix when using ECU that could not be sent to device.

General improvements in PDM configuration user interface.

Minor bug fixes.

Fix in infoline configuration: it allowed a change that culd generate display errors on devices.

Fix in font management in device pages, that could make the receive/transmit of the configuration extremely slow

CAN Builder

fix for buttons in main protocols DB that could result in being hidden


Small fix in nation management for tracks, to fix the issue with two tracks appearing as of an 'unknown' nation.

Small fix while writing user tkk files, that could result in being without time zone info (AiM tracks not affected by this bug).

Tracks updates are not being applied automatically: now they require user interaction.

Fixed flicker in (tracks) weather forecast window, that continuously refreshed in case of no track selected.


Some improvements in the possibility to select internal/external pull-up resistance in custom sensors creation (for devices supporting it).

RS3 Beta 3.50.52 May, 21st 2021 Download


Minor bug fixes.


Bug fix for OEM Mygale steering wheel.

Fixed bugs for PDM power output.

RS3 Beta 3.50.48 Apr, 6th 2021 Download


Fix to WiFi choice menu, in which AiM devices could be erroneously placed into other networks. Notice: this NOT being a bug in communication but only a user interface menu sorting.

Improved WiFi device scan speed for AiM devices when RS3 is running on a virtualized Windows.

Start of WiFi connection has been made quicker.

Fix to FastLap export format.

Improved WiFi password verification function device window.

Fixed a couple of crashes that could happen while closing RS3, this generating a RS3 instance to be closed using TaskManager.

Introduced a WiFi warning icon to inform users when they're possibly connected to two networks sharing the same IP addresses.

A couple of modifications were made to avoid useless RS3 logs.

OEM device added.

Minor graphical improvements (flickers) eliminated avoiding some internal references to apparently unused openGL graphic libraries.


Fixed bug in xrk parsing. Some GPS samples could result as missing upon crossing GPS week change.

Fixed bug for which, downloading an xrk file with ECU locked channels, those channels were missing in the drk file also in case the protection password was installed. Notice: the xrk2drk utility was instead perfectly functional.

Fixed bug that forbade a correct filtering for GPS Accelerometers in conversion to DRK.

Now users can decide if to create drk files or not while downloading MOV files. This should avoid an apparent sessions duplication in RS2A.

Fixed session date shown for MOV files in download window.

Minor fixes (memory leaks).

Minor bug fixes and improvements in parsing simulators data (AC+ACP+rF2), and added some tracks to those that are converted to true GPS tracks.


New PDM32 Half Bridge channel management in High Side and Low Side mode.

New Full Bridge mode for PDM32 Half Bridge channel pairs.

Configuration of PDM inertial platform (accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers) based on the device position relative to the vehicle.

Improved font and icons display.

Fixed bug that caused some CAN protocols with particular features to malfunction.

Fixed bug that caused the failure to send the CAN2 None protocol to the device.

Fixed bug about the Save As operation of a configuration.

Fixed possible bug about BitComposed math channels.

Fixed bug in SmartyCam stream that could result not keeping channels previously set.

Fixed show/hide status of the search box, that could remain erroneously shown.

Fixed bug in dialog used to modify font dimension.

Fixed bug in Goto Page number and channels available.

Cloning configuration: removed double message when ending operation.


From now on also when creating a track from scratch all information about time zone and DST are downloaded from the AiM web service and added to the newly created tkk file. In case there's no internet connection available the timezone and DST information are taken by the closest track.

Fixed a bug for which tracks were not deleted from trash.

Web Updates

The list of the updates is sorted by most recent date of the update on the AiM server.

Before uploading the firmware to a device users of dev and beta are prompted a warning window informing them that also firmware in these releases must be considered dev or beta.


Fix to split report that could be generating badsplit times.

RS3 Beta 3.50.38 Feb, 16th 2021 Download


Fixed crashes while closing RS3 during login process.


Fixes in the split identification.

Slight improvement of smart sync algorithm for time/distance plots.

Improved refreshes operations (quicker and more effective) among analysis windows upon several user interactions.

Improved x axes and cursor management in time/distance plots, now resetting to zero after a lap change.

Added possibility to select all laps or best lap.

Improved speed of web mappings window.

Some modifications in the main DB page (mainly the preview window can be placed at right side or bottom side).

Splits and sectors can be shown on the map.

A limit has been introduced to the number of reference slices (2 or 4) that affects channels tags in plots and cursors on map.

Selected sector has been introduced in laps toolbar (the sector where the cursor is placed).

Added possibility to manage the cursor in scatter plot.

Fix in import of *.act files.

Fix in import of *.dbn files.

Fixed mananagement of "negative" lap-times strings (laptimes differences).

Fixed management of track sectors (renaming, but mostly moving and and deleting coud lead to crashes).

Fixed software computation of lap times in case of, unlikely but possible, wrong GPS samples.

Fixed crashes in preview window upon quick random selection of sessions.

Fixes in computation of split times report.

Fixes in default values of panels while creating profiles.

Fixed management of movie cursors when the movie stops before the end of data or starts after data begin.


Fixed minor bugs and memoryleaks about math channels, status variables, keypad channels and PDM channels.

Fixed a bug for whereby sending a configuration with the keypad disabled to a PDM it could continue to manage keypad previously configured.

Correction of the message informing that selecting the size of 1 byte the value of the CAN Output channels could be truncated.

RS3 Beta 3.50.36 Feb, 1st 2021 Download


Fixed bug that (due to a wrong management of a timeout from an external API) could make RS3 be very slow.

General improvements on the management of files with names or placed in paths written with not ASCII chars.


Fixes in the split identification.

Improvement to the SmartSync routine to make it more effective upon uncomplete laps.

Improvements in the import of files into the database, in order to assure a high reliability and better (shorter and more clear) messages to users.

Fixed some bugs on audio management in videos.

Improvements in plots, for example: slices dragging, coloring of channels report.

Fixed a couple of bugs for which some distance could be plotted only using meters (instead of feet).

Bug fix in profiles that badly managed some data like for example mixed plot number.

Erase and cleanup operations on the database now feature a wait window.

Light changes in the DB user interface.


Fixed bug converting xrk files into drk files.

Added export in FastLap format.

Fixed bug in export in SCCA csv format.


Fixed bug that might freeze the software when importing/opening configuration.

Fixed bug that forbade the visualization of some channels into SmartyCam videos.

PDM: Managing of keypad on CAN2 bus together with pther protocols.

Alarms multistate (used for PDM and the like): managed Colors both for PopUp and Message (as infoline).

Ouput Command: fixed bug in opening settings.

Ouput Command: fixed bug that crashed software when clicking button to add new without having a display (PDM).

Math Channel: managed "Distance" function for odometer operations.

RS3 Beta 3.50.33 Dec, 24th 2020 Download


Added the Split Report Layout.

RS3 allows users to execute it also if not logged in, given that all RS3A web based services are not functional.

Track map now always shows a greyed track map, while allowing the view of zoomed data.

Track map coloring routine has been improved: map can be colored using splits (as previous RS2A did) and in monoshrome for web mapping.

Fix for analysis cursors that could be showing different values in different parts of software.

Added the possibility to merge xrk files also in batch convert (as requested for s3t files).

Fixed bug in refreshing channels values upon a measure units change.

Crash and issues fixes.

Minor improvements.

RS3 Beta 3.50.31 Dec, 4th 2020 Download


Fixed bug for which, upon changing the cursor color, the color of the minimum alarms switched to green.

Fixed a wrong use of cursor color in many UI elements.

Fixed issue in management of M5-660.

RS3 Beta 3.50.30 Dec, 3rd 2020 Download


Added search bars into all windows in which a channel can be selected.

Fixed crash while changing a parameter value for a channel.

Fixed issue in channels report for which, after adding many items, the add/remove button was no more available for clicks.

Fixed cursor that was hidden when delta function was enabled.

RS3 Beta 3.50.28 Jackson Download


Upgrades of Status Variables, Keypad and Power Outputs of PDM.

For channel of current related to power output channel, the frequency is locked to 200Hz if PWM mode or soft start/stop are checked.

Fixed issue about fuel consumption channel.

Managing of backlight colors for Blink Marine keypad of PDM.

Added managing of BlinkMarine Keypad with 12 keys for PDM.

Fixed the issue for which "Distinct Conditions" setting was lost for Power Outputs channels.

Fixed the issue for Power Outputs in PWM mode: buttons appeared in place of boxes to edit the status value.

Fixed the issue for which the backlight colors did not works for keypad with ID different from 0x115.

Fixed some graphical interface problems in the CAN Output window.


Min/Max Alarms set for channels now reflect also in time/distance and Storyboard windows.

Time/distance plot correctly saves the resized dimensions, including fixed height for time compare.

A huge number of fixes for small bugs affecting drag and drop of slices and of cursors in all the possible combinations of plot bases (time, distance and GPS time) and in all possible 'snapping' (on, off, condensed).

Time/distance plot now features also the lap ticks when in snap off or in GPS Time mode.

Time/distance plot now feature the possibility to 'select' a channel and to get tags with minimum, maximum and average values.

Added an improved version of delta function (with moveable base, and info shown into tags).

Added manipulation of splits into time/dist plot.

The time/distance plot now zooms at the split after a doubleclick ove the split mark.

Correctly managed the pressure of space bar, that affected the main analysis windows also when the user was in modal windows.

Settings window look and feel has been improved.

Fixed all the zooming possibilities in Storyboard.

Fixed zoom mapping behaviour in order to make it look like Google zooming.

Search bar in channels list now improved to manage also units like % and #, and to look for user entered strings also in channel comments. Comments are now also shown as a tooltip ove a little yellow icon.

Time/distance now correctly manages stepped channels (i.e. gears, satellites number, ...).

Time/distance now features an improved zoom on axes, using mouse wheel and/or dragging axes with mouse.

Channels report now features: fixed date/time in splits, possibility for splits to be be shown or not, added possibility to hide or show the statistics plot (exactly like the lap summary in preview).

Histogram now can be drawn as lines (useful for multiple laps), has a fixed plot grid to always match with bars, shows also bar values, shows also a cursor.

Moview now feature a better management of sound, customizable also in the settings.

Enabled the XY plot.

Added the possibility to manage different channels in different analysis panels.

Added the possibility to change the color channel in the map.

Fixed super-bad-crash with videos, generated while randomly or quickly using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Fixed problem with cursors and with alignment of GPS-Time/condensed mode.

Fixed some small bugs in dimensions of the dialog settings of channels.

Fixed rendering issue in web mappings, exterminating a zombie process that could hang up the entire RS3.

Fixed bug while changing the units of a channel, for which some windows couldn't be reflecting/showing the change of units.

Fixed some crashing that could be achieved while quickly switching among sessions in the preview.

Fixed crash in profiles management, generated by the deletion of the storyboard.

Fixed crash in opening channels report due to a null pointer.

Improved the function that detects the first channels to be shown.


Fixed bug while parsing xrk files from MyChron5. Now wheel temperature channels are properly managed in the drk file.

Added odometers values to drk while downloading (only for new fw that support the feature).


Added support, both in downloading and in batch conversion, for the s3t file format.

Added the possibility to manage microseconds as units for some channels.

Fixed problem in converting/importing data from rFactor (1 and 2), session date could go back to 2000 january 1st.

Web Updates

Some improvements in the management of new devices recently intorduced.

Fixed tooltips to correctly show the version of the software available on the web.

RS3 Installer

Added redistributable needed to manage the libraries to create files in Glyphworks (TM) s3t format, from nCode (TM).

RS3 Beta 3.50.26 Oct, 30th 2020 Download


Fixed two bugs to prevent crashes while plugging to the PC the SD cards with badly formatted data coming from Memory Modules.


Support and feedback requests window now guides users into inserting better information, including a valid subject and descriptive message.

Web updates tooltip now avoids showing "0.00.00" in dev releases.


Fixed bug about Close to VBatt and related Use internal pull down option for Digital Status channel.


Fixed zoom+drag in snap on mode.

Fixed recovery of lap ticks in time/distance plot in snap off and GPS time modes.

Reduced amount of internal logging calls to make RS3 slicghtly quicker.

Fixed and improved the way the delta works in time/distance mode.

Fixed the change of units of measure in RS3a.

Added min and max values in time/distance plot.

Time/distance plot saves plot resize dimensions (resets anyway after closing and reopening the time/distance plot).

The drag and drop among laps in the storyboard in "common time" and "snap on", both in time and distance mode now behaves correctly.

The mouse cursor transforms itself into hand open/closed while dragging any plot element.

RS3 Beta 3.50.23 Oct, 7th 2020 Download


Fixed problem with computation of GPS position accuracy.

Improved the management of the colors.

Added the settings window for channels.

Improved the settings of the layout windows (mainly time/distance and track map panels).

Added the possibility to hide part of the layout panels using the space bar.

Added the math channels management.

Improved zooming capabilities.

Improved default layouts for movies.

Some bug fixes in the import of xrk and mov files, mostly for GPS data management.

General imporvements in analysis data engine, to have a better responsiveness.


PDM: Managing of keypad on CAN2 bus.

All devices: fixed issue about fuel consuption channel.

All devices: fixed issue about time channel formatting.

All devices: fixed issue about pwm frequency.

Added new function for measures of CAN Builder: Formatted Time and Signed Formatted Time.

Added management of FSW-R.

SmartyCam-HD, added new control.

Improvements in resources for OEM devices: Dallara and Norton.


Fixed crash in odometers window.

Bug fix that could prevent files from being downloaded, in case the character ':' was used in the file or folder name.

RS3 Beta 3.50.19 Sep, 14th 2020 Download


Fixed crash while closing RS3 with a device connected

Fixed tooltip and lists flickering


Fixed parsing problem while downloading data from devices

RS3 Beta 3.50.17 Aug, 27th 2020 Download


Improved graphics for Channels List

Managing of black background

Fixed bug in import of xrk files

Fixed bug in import of drk files

Fixed bug in import of mov files

Fixed bug in import of tqm files

Import of files in analysis doesn't generate tmp files in the original folder, this to help in case the original folder is shared on the cloud

Improved drawing of web maps, including small arrows to represent motion direction

Moved the login button a little bit to left in order to avoid problems due to the fact that it resizes

Introduced the possibility to share profiles (within all the instances of a single user, not among users)


Managed the download into the proper, user selected, folder, in case of download from SD cards or (only for the braves) from SmartyCamHD

Fixed export of lap times table in MatLab format


a number of minor bug fixes for PDM configuration

fixed update in dialog previw of alarm conditions: changing priorities, the preview dialog was not updated

Web Updates

A couple of fixes in the representation of version number

Fixed small memory leak (few bytes) in the download of releases


Improved some logs in order to avoid false positives on error logs

The login window now tells you also if you can't login due to mail not confirmed

Added Cue Banner for edit boxes when used as Search Box text fields

RS3 Beta 3.50.10 Aug, 10th 2020 Download


Bugfix in PDM configuration: calculated or precalculated gear channel wasn't properly managed.

Bugfix in PDM configuration: if an alarm implied a condition upon an invalid channel, and that channel was set to valid, the alarm wasn't properly working.


Minor fixes.

RS3 Beta 3.50.09 Aug, 3rd 2020 Download


Login: improved management for failed logins, now RS3 warns users for either bad user-name/password or mail not confirmed.

Bugfix: in the login password we realized that the special character tilde '~' was managed in website account while wasn't managed in RS3. We fixed RS3 in order to manage it (some users reported issues).

Bugfix: fixed parsing of mov files while downloading.

Analysis import window now better informs users in case a mov file can't be imported, this as we noticed from feedbacks that the most of these cases were due to either missing metadata in mov or no GPS signal in metadata.

Database preview window, added some information in the advanced info window, to know the firmware versions of all the slave units used to generate the xrk files.


Configuration: added new user fonts for display pages.

Bugfix: upon changing the expansion serial number in a configuration, some alarms and other minor features, could stop working.

RS3 Beta 3.50.08 Jul, 27th 2020 Download


Bugfix: there was cases for which the feedbacks couldn't be sent (the 'send' button getting red).

Improvement: added the possibility to upload files to AiM.

Improvement: added the mamagement of dragsters 'tracks' for the new Junior Dragsters M5-660.

Bugfix: in RS3A, the saving of profiles didn't properly manage windows that were closed before saving.

Bugfix: there were cases in which some samples twins with reversed timestamps in the xrk files generated a bad computation of distance and from here an erratic speed trace in the plots.

Bugfix: there were cases in which the session file was showing a different number of laps if imported into RS2A or RS3A.

Bugfix: there were cases in which the 25 or 15 FPS setting on the SmartyCam forbade a correct sync with xrk files.

Bugfix: the download window for the SmartyCam (very rarely used, as normally download happens through SD card) could wrongly show a message saying 'SD card missing' hence showing an empty mov file list.

Bugfix: the download of mov files from the SD card didn't copy the downloaded files into a different folder.

Bugfix: Changing comments into the session properties window didn't work for mov files.

Bugfix: there were cases in which importing sessions the comments eventually in it were not correctly imported.

Bugfix: there were cases in which all shown laps became of the same color.

Bugfix: there were cases in which importing sessions with no GPS lead to a software crash.

Configuration - PDM

Bugfix: there were cases in which a condition related to an invalid channel, reset to valid channel, was no more managed by device.

Bugfix: in PDM Gear Calulated/Precalculated channel was not correctly managed by device.

RS3 Beta 3.50.03


Bugfix: while importing data there could be cases in which the track was not automatically recognized.

Bugfix: in the login window we added some verifications for the validity of user password.

Bugfix: in the weather forecasts in tracks DB we avoided a refresh that could make data disappear.

Bugfix: in the movie window a message warns users in case a mov file is no more avaiilable (i.e. it has been possibly deleted outside the database or it was into a SD card that is no more in its reader).

Bugfix: improved sinchronization when xrk and mov files have laps in different placement (very unlikely, but it could happen).

RS3 Beta 3.50.02

First public release on AiM website.