MXL Strada
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MXL Strada
MXL Strada is a complete, modular dash logger: for its features it is appreciated by more than 15,000 racers all over the world.
MXL Strada display is fully configurable: it shows the data in different customizable pages, features alarms and shift lights. Lap times are sampled either with optical receiver and via external GPS. They can be set in different ways: static, rolling, predicted and with split times.
MXL Strada back
MXL Strada back
Designed for road+track (and track day) use, MXL Strada is a complete, value-for-money dash, showing all essential data of your test on its wide display: MXL Strada can record up to 250 laps with 5 splits, max/min RPMs, speed and two configurable channels.
A wide integrated display with alarm leds, icons and pushbuttons
With its wide backlighted display, easy to read in all light conditions, MXL Strada shows an amazing "racing" look.
All information are configurable: i.e. you can see - together with RPM scale - speed, basic parameters like as water temp. and oil pressure, lap time and best lap.
Scrolling the menu four more values can be configured and displayed.
Moreover, it is also possible to set lap time thresholds for shift lights alert.
Read your sensors in 4 different ways
With its dedicated inputs MXL Strada enables connection to the desired sensors:

8 analog channels
with freely configurable 12 bit 0-5 Volt, 0-500 mV, 0-50 mV or thermocouple inputs, used to sample values coming from i.e. temperature and pressure sensors.

1 speed input
if connection to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is not possible. MXL Strada, with 4 speed inputs, enables sophisticated analysis of the different 4 wheel speeds.

1 RPM input
to manage square wave signals and pulse signals coming from the coil (low voltage).

1 integrated mono-axial accelerometer
samples centrifugal forces acting on your car in each single turn of the track.

ECU connection
MXL Strada being compatible with hundreds of ECUs , offers huge customization opportunities thanks to the ample protocol database, constantly updated, freely downloadable from this website.
Expand the system according to your needs
MXL Strada is a modular system, offering the possibility to increase the number of channels with a CAN connection to expansions like:
LCU-One Lambda Controller LCU-One Lambda Controller Wide band Lambda controller LCU-One, with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, providing all Air/Fuel data, lambda value and exhaust gas temperature, allows to perfectly tune the carburetion.
SmartyCam HD cameras SmartyCam HD cameras
The on-board cameras that overlays on videos the data sampled by your logger.
Up to 8 different modules can be connected to MXL Strada, resulting in a system which fits all desired applications.
GPS Module: automatic lap times  and track position analysis
GPS05 Module A precise lap time calculation and the GPS speed detection are possible thanks to the powerful GPS05 Module - connectable via CAN.
The new GPS Manager software will transmit your tracklist to the logger: GPS05 Module will locate its position, identify track-line coordinates and start immediately sampling lap and split times.
GPS Manager
GPS Manager screenshot
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