Much more than an on-board camera
SmartyCam, professional on-board camera with data overlay
Specifically designed for motorsports, SmartyCam converts high-quality videos in a useful support for analysis, showing technical data overlayed in real time.
Esempio overlay SmartyCam
Overlay example
Don't be deceived by its small dimension.
integrates a high-speed GPS, a three-axial accelerometer, a color LCD display, a CAN-bus connection and a rechargeable lithium battery. And its weight is just 230 g.
SmartyCam records videos with data overlayed on a MicroSD for immediate download and visualization.
Once downloaded, data can be analyzed with the powerful Race Studio Analysis software: you can compare different driving techniques, evaluate cornering speed and enjoy images, all at the same time.
Being extremely flexible, SmartyCam can be used in stand alone mode, or connected to your Engine Control Unit via ECU(or RPM) Bridge, or in connection with an AiM logger.
SmartyManager, SmartyCam dedicated software
SmartyManager screenshot
SmartyManager, SmartyCam configuration software, has been designed with the objective to enable videos customization with your logo, your track overlay and a huge selection of graphical objects you can choose from.
Above all, you will not waste time with old generation data/images synchronization software because
SmartyCam overlays real-time data on videos in a completely automatic way: an integrated, versatile system.
Be the fastest lap or just a nice video your objective,
SmartyCam will completely change your concept of on-board camera.
SmartyCam movies examples
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