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Solo GPS Laptimer
Data acquisition is becoming a key success factor even in motocross world. A deep understanding of racer and motorcycle behavior leads to improved performances: speed and acceleration in every point on the track, lap and split times, RPM, throttle position, brake pressures and more...
That is why AiM designed Solo, a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. Using its GPS based location, it identifies the finish line coordinates and automatically starts sampling and displaying lap times. Solo displays and records speed, accelerations, braking and... all of the data you need while racing.
Then you can review your data immediately after each session. This helps you analyze and improve your performance.
Find your track with the powerful GPS technology
The most important feature of Solo is to show your lap times.
When Solo is powered up, it automatically recognizes the start/finish line coordinates of the track you are visiting based on the list of tracks stored on Solo's internal memory.
You can sample very precise lap times with very little effort.
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 3
Find your track
Find your track with the powerful GPS technology
Solo is fully configurable and includes different lap time display modes:
Rolling lap time
Static lap time
Predictive lap time (screenshot 1 and 2), calculated during the current lap or as difference vs. the best lap
Best lap time
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
1. Predictive lap time,
type 1
1. Predictive lap time,
type 2
Find your track with the powerful GPS technology
At any time, you can recall and review the recorded data in a very simple way.
By connecting Solo to your PC, your data can be analyzed and shown in tables, graphs and histograms using the powerful Race Studio 2 professional software, which comes with the product.
Visual Solo 2
Data recall
Data download to PC
SoloDL GPS Laptimer with ECU connection
SoloDL offers all the functions of Solo, plus the ability to connect to your bike's Engine Control Unit (ECU), a powerful data acquisition system recording important data, such as RPM, throttle position, temperatures, lambda value, etc. linked to your position on track.
All this is possible without additional sensors.
Special applications for ECU connection
Choose your lap time mode
Bar pads to fit handle bars with and without brace are available for immediate installation on every kind of motocross bikes.
Bar Pad Solo
Bar Pad con traversino Bar Pad senza traversino
Handle bar with brace
Handle bar without brace
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